The Flame Games Amsterdam is a unique athletics event where elite sport and recreational sport go hand in hand. The event provides a platform for elite Dutch athletes to show off their talents to a home crowd and is, most importantly, an ideal opportunity for spectators to experience athletics for themselves. For instance, there will be an Urban Athletics Arena in front of the Olympic Stadium during the Flame Games Amsterdam. In this inflatable athletics arena, youngsters between the ages of 6 and 18 can get a taste of athletics in an unusual way, with a special Amsterdam twist.

Every child should be able to take part in sport and the collaboration with the Jeugdsportfonds offers youngsters the unique opportunity to achieve their athletics dreams.

JeugdsportfondsJsf Algemeen

The Jeugdsportfonds creates sports-related opportunities for youngsters between the ages of 4 and 18 from families with a minimum income and it enables them to practise sport with a sports club. Thanks to the Jeugdsportfonds, children can achieve their sporting dreams. Every child should be able to take part in sport, so the Jeugdsportfonds covers the cost of membership, clothing and any necessary sports equipment.

For those who cannot afford it. This requires a sum of €250 per child per year. This money is paid directly to the sports club and the sports store, not to the parents or the child. Every year, the Jeugdsportfonds helps to give over 35,000 youngsters a sporting chance.

Jsf Voetbal

In the Netherlands, 423,000 children live in poverty (source: Social and Cultural Planning Office poverty monitor 2014). That is 1 in every 9 children. More than 150,000 of these children do not take part in sport. In 2014, the Jeugdsportfonds paid for 36,224 children to join a sports club. The aim of the Jeugdsportfonds is to offer 40,000 children a year a sporting chance.

The Jeugdsportfonds has a national office and is active in the Netherlands via 32 local funds. These urban (21) and provincial funds (11) take care of the structure, profile and fundraising in their region. Over 200 municipalities are affiliated to the Jeugdsportfonds. The Jeugdsportfonds is a fundraising organisation that enjoys ANBI status (Public Benefit Organisation) and CBF approval (Central Fund-raising Agency).

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